discreet craft small batch organic plant medicines for those in need

Savage Grace Organics is a private queer operated health cooperative and social enterprise. We provide ethically grown, priced and safe organic cannabis and psilocybin medicinal items to those in need of alternative methods

Our inventory is priced on sliding scale and we also redistribute a large proportion of our sales back to the community through small mutual aid donations. Everything is done in-house ensuring purity and single source from seed to product. We are passionate about helping others and we believe that money shouldn’t be a barrier to access for healing.

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    Hi, I’m Grace and I started Savage Grace. I started growing cannabis to treat my chronic pain. It has now grown Into a small cooperative with the ethos of access over cost. I have a background as a horticulturalist and herbalist and have a special interest in plant medicines and we have the genius Dr Po who makes the edibles and infused skincare products. We’re also passionate about giving back so a large proportion of the income goes out as mutual aid requests to people struggling around the world so every purchase helps us help others too. Everything is organic and always will be and I grow in a way which works with the planet and not against it!
    ‘After a smoke of your product, for the first time in ages I had a really good few days. I got dressed, showered, cleaned and hoovered and the pain was bearable. I cant thank you enough, I actually sat for a while and cried. It has been so long that I’ve felt even vaguely OK’ 
    M – Scotland
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